Introducing! Happy Pixels' Teacher Planner & Assignment Slides for Blended Learning

I am so incredibly excited to share my DIGITAL TEACHER PLANNER & ASSIGNMENT SLIDES!

This is a souped-up version of the Google Slides that I used during my remote teaching back in March (to June).  Although our school board has started back face to face with our students, I've anticipated the need to possibly going back to remote learning in the fall. 

Now that we are back in the classroom with our students, I use this Planner on my SMART board with the students (some of you may use Promethean boards, I expect). The students can follow along and learn to navigate the slides alongside me. That way, if and when we need to make the switch to distance learning, they will be ready to go and know how to use the assignment slides. 

Here is on one of my most popular Happy Pixels Planner & Assignment Slides in action: Cork Board and Notes.  You can see how easy it is for teachers and students to navigate the Google Slides presentation. I've added tons of hyperlinks right into the master slides.

I plan my week directly in this digital teacher planner. It doubles as "to do" and assignment slides when posted on my SMART board. It helps me to say organized, keeps all my resources in one place without hundreds (okay, I'm exaggerating) of tabs open on my laptop, and helps the flow of my day, which ultimately helps with classroom management!

Bonus, the Educational Assistants (a.k.a Paraprofessionals) in my room can follow along and help to differentiate instruction (I generally post some tips for differentiation and accommodations directly on the assignment slides).

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