Mouth Shape for Letter Sounds: Clipart for your Science of Reading and Articulation Resources

Teachers are looking for ways to use the science of reading in their classroom.  

As a teacher-author, provide them with the resources and tools that they need to help their students become successful readers!  

I'm a special education teacher and have been teaching using mouth shape visual supports for over twenty years. Before using clipart, I used a basic mirror and modelling strategy. 

I wish I'd had these resources years ago. I can tell you that highlighting the shape of our mouths (our lips, teeth, and tongues) when making sounds works for teaching our students basic reading skills. 

We need to get science of reading resources into our teachers' hands. I'm excited to see the wonderful resources you create.

Mouth Shapes Clipart

Teachers are quickly replacing their word walls with sound walls. Create your own unique versions of these sound walls with these bright and playful mouth shape clipart images. You can make large posters for bulletin boards or personal, student-held lap books. 

mouth movement images

Mouth Movement Images

Speech Language Pathologists also use these mouth movement images to help their students with articulation goals. The mouth shapes include tongue and lip images to help students visualize mouth movements in order to make sounds. Try pairing these mouth shapes with visuals that represent their sounds, like a cute monkey image for /m/.  You can find these initial sounds clipart images, here.

letter m objects clipart

These mouth shapes for letter sounds and articulation will bring your teacher resources to the next level. Make your teacher-created resources stand out from the crowd!


mouth shapes for letter sounds

This CONSONANT set includes:

Stop: p, b, t, d, k, g

Nose: m, n, retroflex nasal

Fricative: f, v, th (voiced and voiceless), s, z, sh, zh,h

Affricate: ch, j

Glide: y, wh, w

Liquid: l, r

Note: I’ve also included a symbol for “voiced”.

This VOWELS set includes:

Short Vowels: a, e, i, o, u 
Long Vowels: a, e, i, o, u

Vowel Sounds: aw, oo, yu, oi, ow, ar, er, or, schwa 

Note: some sounds have 2 images to show movement of the mouth – long a, long I, long o, yu, oi, ow.

phonics mouth articulation

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