10 Quick Tips for Teacher-Author Digital Organization: Clipart

Don't waste another second looking for clipart on a disorganized computer. Instead, spend that time creating and putting the time back into your teacher-business. Get your digital organization mastered!

Spend less time searching and more time designing those amazing teacher-resources you've got planned!

For those of you hiring a virtual assistant (yay, you!), you'll need to have an organized system for them to access your clipart. Don't waste their time (or your money!). If you're not yet at the VA stage, get organized now in preparation for that exciting growth in your business!

Be the professional teacher-author that you are! Get organized, be productive, and spend time doing what you love! 

digital organization for teachers

1. Naming Convention for Digital Organization

Digital file naming conventions

Decide on a naming convention for your clipart files and stick to it. Personally, I tend to use the file names provided by the clip artists, but I'm lazy. Hopefully, they've labeled them properly for you. A good clip artist will take the time to help you organize your digital files this way.

If you want to be able to search for all your files for a specific clip artist, you may want to add their shop name to your file folders. Again, your favourite clip artist may already do this. For example, I use "hps" in my own file names so that my lovely customers can find me fast. If you want my octopus clipart from my phonics (letter o) set, you can simply type in "hps octopus" in your search bar and your Happy Pixels Studio octopus will show up!

2. Create Clipart Folders: Themes or Subjects

Create folders to categorize your clipart by theme or subject. 

organize digital files by theme or subject

3. Descriptive Words for Digital Organization

Use descriptive keywords in the file names to make them easy to find. Then, you can use the SEARCH feature in your software or program to easily find the exact clipart your need.

clipart organized by descriptive words

4. Review and Delete Unnecessary Clipart

Regularly review and delete any clipart that is no longer needed.

review and delete clipart

5. Store it on the Cloud

Consider using cloud storage to access your clipart from anywhere. 

I can't even begin to tell you how useful this feature can be if you are someone (like me!) that works from your desk, from your couch, from your bed... I've been known to jump from my desktop to my laptop and to my iPad, all in one day. 

I'm all about being comfortable when I work and cloud storage allows me to have this flexibility.

use the cloud for digital storage

6. Get to know your Clipartists

You've created folders for each them, now you can have a folder for each of your favourite clip artists within that themed folder. Remember to give them proper credit when you create your resources!

favourite clipartists organization

7. Back it Up

Make sure to back up your clipart regularly to prevent loss.

Back up your clipart

8. Tags and Labels for Digital Organization

Use tags or labels to further categorize and organize your clipart.

use tags and labels for digital organization

9. Create a Master List

Consider creating a master list or index of all your clipart for quick reference.

create a master list for digital organization

10. Stay Organized

Keep your clipart organized as you add new files. Don't get lazy after all your hard work. Keeping up with your digital organization will help prevent chaos in the future.

keep your clipart organized

Bonus: How to Make your File Folders Pretty (and Useful!)

Are you tired of straining your eyes to see the small print on the labels underneath those boring blue digital folders? Do you want to personalize your file folders so that they reflect the creative teacherpreneur that you are!?

I've got a gift for you!  

I have 87 file folder images for you to replace those boring file folder icons on your desktop. It's easy to do and I'll show you how in easy-to-follow instructions. Get it here!

digital organization for clipart

You'll get: 
  • easy-to-follow instructions to replace the file folder icons on your desktop
  • 87 file folder images for: arts, dance, music, drama, design elements, borders, backgrounds, emotions, yoga, reading, phonics, alphabet, writing, media, oral language, physical education, sports, special education, sensory room, physio, speech, math, money, time, geometry, science, life cycles, insects, space, themes, fairy tales, seasons, holidays, and so much more! 

change the file folder image for your personalized organization

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