CVC Word Blending Activity for Morning Meetings and Distance Teaching

Tired of having your students minds wander during your morning meeting?

Here's one sure fire way to keep their attention.

I like to have multiple, quick activities during our morning meeting. Keep them on their toes!

This is one of my favourite activities for engaging them in blending CVC words. It's quick and easy for me, the teacher, and highly engaging for the students. Win, win!

CVC Word Blending Activity for Kindergarten and Grade One

In class, I simply display the slides (in edit mode) on the Smart Board. I sloooowly pull away the curtain to reveal each letter. 

To differentiate, sometimes I have a student try to guess the letter/sound, others I'll have blend the first couple of sounds...and finally, they can blend the entire CVC word. Model, model, model. They LOVE it!

For distance learning, simply share your screen with your students!

You'll hook them with this activity, I promise! No more glazed over eyes! They'll be engaged at any level.

Check it out, below:

Enjoy! Let me know how your kids enjoyed it!

Oh, and you can purchase it here:

CVC word blending activity for kindergarten and grade one

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